Platinum plated Pendant Set With Rhinestones,Resins & Beads



Rhodium is a noble metal, resistant to corrosion, found in platinum- or nickel ores together with the other members of the platinum group metals. Rhodium plating is occasionally used on white gold, silver or copper and its alloys, which gives the jewellery sets a reflective white surface and this is known as rhodium flashing in the jewellery business. Besides, rhodium symbolises wealth, therefore, rhodium-plated jewellery sets from us are the all-time best-selling jewellery.
Resin is valuable for its chemical properties (thick liquids that harden into transparent solids) and now it is applying in the modern fashion jewellery world as a new material. The resin jewellery sets are good in brightness, rich in colour, easy to wear, as well as durable.

Product name                      European Platinum-plated 2 Pieces pendant Set with Rhinestone and Resin

Category                              2 Pieces Jewelry Set

Plating                                Platinum-plated

Material                            Rhinestone and Resin

Styles                                  European

Weight                                0.13 KG / Pieces

Code                                    V280524