Venetian Pearls,Resin, Blue floral shape,Jewelry Set

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Simulated pearls are pearls that are an imitation of the genuine pearl. They have the same lustre and shapes as the real pearls. If you like to find the most fashionable simulated pearl jewellery sets with good quality and unbeaten prices, Evanna Fashions house shall be your first choice.

Resin is valuable for its chemical properties (thick liquids that harden into transparent solids) and now it is applying in the modern fashion jewellery world as a new material. The resin jewellery sets are good in brightness, rich in colour, easy to wear, as well as durable.

The teenage girls and many people love Floral jewellery . After special processing, all the floral jewellery sets look so vivid. It’s  filled with energy as the spring is right around your neck and ears. Flower, the incarnation of beauty, and symbol of good fortune and beauty, is the common language of the world. Similarly, the fashion floral has a wide application in so many occasions, such as in the wedding, social etiquette and daily life.

Product name                      Popular design,Gold Plated, Africa and Middle East style, venetian                                                                   pearl,resin, blue floral shape, 2 Pieces Jewelry Set

Product Code                       V280510

Category                                2 Pieces Jewelry Sets

Plating                                   Gold Plated

Material                                 Venetian pearl, resin, blue floral

Styles                                      Africa and Middle Eastern

Weight                                   0.13 KG / Pieces